Inside our site, you have the opportunity to watch and read training on using the email marketing platforms we have. Many members have failed to due this and as a results see horrible results. Our system can only get the email out ( DELIVERY ) you have to provide a good email and good reply address for ISPs ( Gmail, Hotmail, Comcast, Yahoo, etc ) to allow it into the receiver's email portal. Just googling this topic will give you unlimited information about the topic.

A huge issue is people have been conditioned by outside email platforms like Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse and ActiveCampaign. When I say conditioned, it's simply the fact they never actually tell you when emails are not delivered. Only if they bounces or something that they feel is okay to share with you, whereby you never know if their IP Address and Server are good. You just go about your day, thinking ... " well maybe it was a crap email ' ... when it's actually their server that is stopping you from getting results.

Our platform is NOT to be used as a regular email sender, it's built for COLD email marketing.

The only reason members have access to it is because many people that purchased our automated email marketing, didn't have a clue how to be emailers. Didn't know how to talk to the ESPs and ISPs ... they told them it was bought lists and all kinds of green mistakes. So, we made the decision to house the packages, to limit the problem members would have.

We want you to email the MAIN list a few times a month - push those clicks into your funnels and products - and then if you followed the instructions and had the opens moved into the "Has Opened" list ... hit that list hard.

Here's some examples of what is possible if you follow the instructions!

In this example (above) you can see the member sent and email to the mail list of 4,601, with 4,366 delivered ( there was blocks on their emails so that's the shortage ). Only 2.5% opened which is actually good for cold emails to a list that doesn't know you and came from unknown offers. But here's the key to this, they set up the campaign right and when they emails the openers in the " Has Opened " campaign, they got 60% opens. That's what YOU want to get right! Done right this works perfectly, I do it myself daily.

Now, let me show you a member that didn't follow the instructions, then we tested the subscribers and how we fixed it.

Now, from the image, you can see they sent out an email and got 0 engagement. The reason for this was the fact all the ISPs and ESPs denied the email, due to spam. When we checked it, for sure it was spam! There was 10 links and all kinds of trigger words ( if you don't know what trigger words are google " email spam trigger words ). Now, when we sent the email as per the training, they got 7% open rate. That's how simple this is and how easy it is for you to understand.

So, going forward if you are not getting engagement, then restart. Watch and follow the training, send the initial few emails as per our direction and see the results change.

Don't hesitate to contact us too and have us look at your account.